GOV.UK Publishing Components

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govuk_publishing_components is a Ruby gem to document and distribute components for GOV.UK applications. It provides:

  • a shared library of components
  • helpers to generate component payloads
  • an application to preview components and provide guidance
  • GOV.UK Design System styles and components (via GOV.UK Frontend)

Only add a component to this gem if it is required in more than one application. Please do not add application-specific components to govuk_publishing_components.

All components should meet the accessibility standards for browser and assistive technology support described in GOV.UK Frontend.

Technical documentation

Run the application


See also Local frontend development.

Run the test suite

bundle install
yarn install
bundle exec rake

Run the JavaScript tests alone

With text-only output to the terminal:

yarn run jasmine:ci

With output viewable in a browser at http://localhost:8888/:

yarn run jasmine:browser

You need to restart the jasmine:browser test server for it to pick up any changes to JavaScript code.

Use the gem

Manage the gem

Make a new component

Further documentation

There is more documentation in the docs directory.


MIT Licence