This gem provides the ability to easily manage your change logs. Commit changes alongside change log files to easily track them without worry, then just release them whenever to automatically create a new file.

As an additional feature, Releaseko is integrated into the gem as it feels like Releaseko is very coupled with Changelogko. It is also just a simple feature that just automatically updates metadata/app-version, releases change logs through Changelogko, then push.


Use bundler to install the gem.

gem 'changelogko', git: ''


$ bundle install



Refer to:

$ bundle exec changelogko -h


$ bundle exec cko -h

Adding a .changelogko file in the root of the working directory will allow to automatically append the contents of the file as options to every changelogko (or cko) command. For example, assume the .changelogko file contains:


For every changelogko command, it will automatically append --no-archive, as such: bundle exec changelogko -r --no-archive.

Changelogko will create the needed files if they don't exist yet.


Refer to:

$ bundle exec releaseko -h


$ bundle exec rko -h

Releaseko looks for metadata/app-version for the project's versioning. It will automatically increment this file based on mode.


The original author of this gem is @neume, then further enhanced by @tieeeeen1994.