GitHub CLI

Install instructions:


brew install gh


  1. Add a reference to the package repository
    • sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key C99B11DEB97541F0
    • sudo apt-add-repository
  2. Install the Github CLI
    • sudo apt update
    • sudo apt install gh

Heroku CLI

For some commands you may need the heroku cli installed


$ bin/github_workflow -h

  github_workflow cleanup                                       # Remove merged PR branches
  github_workflow create_and_start -m, --name=NAME              # Create and start issue
  github_workflow create_pr                                     # Convert Issue to Pull Request
  github_workflow deploy_diff                                   # view deployment diff between staging and production for apps
  github_workflow deploy_notes -r, --commit-range=COMMIT_RANGE  # Generate Deploy notes for a range of commits
  github_workflow help [COMMAND]                                # Describe available commands or one specific command
  github_workflow info                                          # Print out issue description
  github_workflow issues                                        # Show issue information for the organization
  github_workflow open                                          # Open issue or PR in browser
  github_workflow push_and_pr                                   # Push branch to origin and convert Issue to Pull Request
  github_workflow reviews                                       # Displays count of requested reviews for each user
  github_workflow start -i, --issue-id=ISSUE_ID                 # Create branch named with issue number and issue title
  github_workflow status                                        # Check PR CI status