git-pr-release Gem Version

Creates a "release pull request", whose body consists of features list or pull requests that are to be released into production. It's especially useful for QA and pre-release checks. git-pr-release automatically collect pull requests merged into master branch and generates the content of the release pull request.


Suitable for branching strategy like below (similar to git-flow):

  • Feature branches are first merged into "staging" (or release, development) branch.
  • Then the staging branch is merged into "production" branch, which is for production release.


All configuration are taken using git config. You can write these variables in file .git-pr-release (instead of .git/config or ~/.gitconfig) to share project-wise configuration to other collaborators.


Token for GitHub API.

If not set, you will be asked to input username/password for one time only, and this configuration variable will be stored.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_TOKEN environment variable.


The branch name that is deployed in production environment.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_BRANCH_PRODUCTION environment variable.

Default value: master.


The branch name that the feature branches are merged into and is going to be merged into the "production" branch.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_BRANCH_STAGING environment variable.

Default value: staging.


The template file path (relative to the workidir top) for pull requests created. Its first line is used for the PR title, the rest for the body. This is an ERB template.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_TEMPLATE environment variable.

If not specified, the content below is used as the template (embedded in the code):

Release <%= %>
<% pull_requests.each do |pr| -%>
<%=  pr.to_checklist_item %>
<% end -%>


The labels list for adding to pull requests created. This value should be comma-separated strings.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_LABELS environment variable.

If not specified, any labels will not be added for PRs.


The name that is listed next to each PR title. Accepted values: author

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_MENTION environment variable.

If not specified, the mention will be the PR assignee


Whether to verify SSL certificate or not. Accepted values: true | false

This option might be useful when self-hosted GitHub enterprise server is using self-signed certificate.

You can specify this value by GIT_PR_RELEASE_SSL_NO_VERIFY to 1.

If not specified, verify SSL certificate always.

Errors and exit statuses

No pull requests to be released

exit status is 1.


motemen, original in-house version written by @hitode909.