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Foreman SCC Manager

Foreman plugin to sync SUSE Customer Center products and repositories into Katello.


This plugin installation is supported since Foreman 3.4 / Katello 4.6 by the foreman-installer, but only with the scenario Katello:

foreman-installer --scenario katello --enable-foreman-plugin-scc-manager

You can also install it manually:

dnf install rubygem-foreman_scc_manager



Foreman Version Katello Version Plugin Version
3.3 4.5 ~> 2.0.0
3.1 4.3 ~> 1.8.20*
3.0 4.2 ~> 1.8.20
2.5 4.1 ~> 1.8.20
2.3 3.18 ~> 1.8.9
2.1 3.16 ~> 1.8.5
2.0 3.16 ~> 1.8.4
1.24 3.14 ~> 1.8.0

* If you are using foreman_scc_manager in version 1.8.20 and then upgrade to Katello 4.3, you need to manually run the following rake task on your Foreman instance: foreman-rake foreman_scc_manager:setup_authentication_tokens.


Plugin documentation

Hammer CLI Extension

Hammer CLI for Foreman SCC Manager


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