by @colindean

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FillerText is a gem useful for generating, well, filler text. It can do the standard "lorem ipsum" text or a variety of other clever substitute texts.

Installing FillerText

Install using:

gem install fillertext

or add the gem to your project's Gemfile:

gem 'fillertext'

Using FillerText

Here's how you use FillerText.

There are two main ways. One is cleaner because it keeps FillerText within its own namespace. The other method will add Fixnum#filler to keep some tasty syntactical sugar.

FillerText::FillerText.sentences 5
FillerText::FillerText.words 2
FillerText::FillerText.characters 5
FillerText::FillerText.bytes 4
FillerText::FillerText.paragraphs 1

or the much easier and intended method:


You can also change the style from the default "lorem ipsum" to something else.

# the old favorite = FillerText::Style::LoremIpsum
# a mash of words = FillerText::Style::HipsterIpsum
# handmade just like grandma's pierogies = FillerText::Style::YinzerIpsum
# homage to the great Pittsburgh Penguins announcer = FillerText::Style::MikeLange

Contributing to FillerText

Patches welcome. Please file using Github issues.