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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-bundletool, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin bundletool

or in your Pluginfile under fastlane folder write the following line and run bundle install.

gem 'fastlane-plugin-bundletool', '1.0.8'

About bundletool

bundletool is the underlying tool that Gradle, Android Studio, and Google Play use to build an Android App Bundle or convert an app bundle into the various APKs that are deployed to devices. bundletool is also available to you as a command line tool, so you can recreate, inspect, and verify Google Play’s server-side build of your app’s APKs.


The motivation of this plugin is to extract an universal .apk file from an .aab file. Since we cannot distribute aab files, it's great that we can extract from the very same binary a file that we can distribute internally.


In your Fastfile you need to use bundletool action. After you build the .aab file you can run the following code.

  ks_path: keystore_path,
  ks_password: keystore_password,
  ks_key_alias: keystore_alias,
  ks_key_alias_password: keystore_alias_password,
  bundletool_version: '1.10.0', # For searching a specific version of bundletool visit https://github.com/google/bundletool/releases
  aab_path: aab_path,
  apk_output_path: apk_output_path,
  verbose: true,
  cache_path: cache_path

This will output the universal .apk in the output path you set.


Key Description Env Var(s) Default
ks_path Path to .jks file FL_BUNDLETOOL_KEYSTORE_FILE
ks_password .jks password FL_BUNDLETOOL_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD
ks_key_alias Alias for jks FL_BUNDLETOOL_KEY_ALIAS
ks_key_alias_password Alias password for .jks FL_BUNDLETOOL_KEY_PASSWORD
bundletool_version Version of bundletool to use, by default 0.11.0 will FL_BUNDLETOOL_VERSION 0.11.0
be used
download_url Url to download bundletool from, should point to a jar FL_BUNDLETOOL_DOWNLOAD_URL
aab_path Path where the aab file is FL_BUNDLETOOL_AAB_PATH
apk_output_path Path where the apk file is going to be placed FL_BUNDLETOOL_APK_OUTPUT_PATH .
verbose Show every messages of the action FL_BUNDLETOOL_VERBOSE false
cache_path Cache downloaded bundletool binary into the cache path FL_BUNDLETOOL_CACHE_PATH
----------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- ---------

Use case

Here you can find a post I did explaining why I have to create this action.


Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


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