Cross-compile executables from rubygems.
This is early development, I will do my best to find some free time to continue working on this (to allow script-installers). For now you can make your gem with executable file, and upload it to rubygems. Than you can make static binary in one-line.

How to install

To keep github repository lightweight, download golang on first start. You can either call bin/setup, or exer --getgo if you install from rubygems

Download and install gem from github:

git clone https://www.githib.com/alx3dev/executable-ruby
cd executable-ruby

If you install gem from ruby-gems, you can run:

gem install executable-ruby
exer --getgo

If you don't want to install golang, you can use system installed one:

Exer.system_golang = true

How to use

You can read documentation on rubydoc

To start gem run:


or if you install from rubygems


Make your gem with executable script in bin directory, named same as your gem. (If your gem name is gem-name, create file bin/gem-name, without .rb).

Now you can use :gem_run to make executable that will run your gem, with gem install command if gem was not found on the system.

Exer.make(filename: 'my_new_gem_run') do |app|
  app.add :gem_run, 'my_new_gem'

Make binary to only install gem(s), but don't forget to add wait_for_enter:

Exer.make do |app|
  # you can use shortcut for filename=
  app >> 'my-gem-name-install'
  app.add :gem_install, 'my-gem-name'


Executable Ruby is registered under the GPL-v3 license, but you are also allowed to build binaries with this gem for MIT, Apache2 and OpenBSD license. You are not allowed to use source-code or it's parts in your application (unless licensed under GPL), but you are allowed to build static binaries for your MIT, Apache2 or OpenBSD licensed gem.

Tested on:

Gem tested on:

  • Linux Mint 20.2 - Uma
  • Ubuntu 20.04.4
  • Ubuntu 21.10

Binaries tested on:

  • Windows 10 Home 64bit
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Linux Mint 20.2 - Uma
  • Ubuntu 20.04.4
  • Ubuntu 21.10
  • MacOS 11


This is a work in progress, so please wait to establish some more stable version.