DynamoDB Adapter for ActiveSupport Cache


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'dynamo-store'

And then execute:


Or install it yourself as:

gem install dynamo-store


DynamoStore provides an adapter layer ActiveSupport::Cache to DynamoDB. A serverless key-value store offering millisecond recall and write time.

DynamoStore leverages to the DynamoDB TTL column to automatically remove items as they reach expiration time, this feature should be enabled, as this adapter does not implement any manual cleanup steps.


All configuration options are passed during construction of the store. You may also provide the arguments given to the superclass ActiveSupport::Cache::Store.

Configuration Type Default Description
table_name string None. Required The name of the DynamoDB Table
dynamo_client Aws:::DynamoDB::Client Default AWS SDK Client The client to use for connections. Useful for directing the cache at a local installation
hash_key string 'CacheKey' The name of the hash key for the cache table
ttl_key string 'TTL' The colum to use for auto-ttling items


# in config/application.rb

config.cache_store = :dynamo_store, {table_name: 'AppCache'}

Outside of Rails

require 'dynamo-store'

cache = ActiveSupport::Cache::DynamoStore.new(table_name: 'AppCache')