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A command line tool for remembering what you were doing and tracking what you've done.

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The current version of doing is <!--VER-->2.1.85<!--END VER-->.

Find all of the documentation in the doing wiki.

See what's new in Doing 2.0.

Check out some craziness with Doing in the iTerm status bar and the Mac Touch Bar/menu bar.

What and why

doing is a basic CLI for adding and listing "what was I doing" reminders in a TaskPaper-formatted text file. It allows for multiple sections/categories and flexible output formatting.

While I'm working, I have hourly reminders to record what I'm working on, and I try to remember to punch in quick notes if I'm unexpectedly called away from a project. I can do this just by typing doing now tracking down the CG bug.

If there's something I want to look at later but doesn't need to be added to a task list or tracker, I can type doing later check out the pinboard bookmarks from macdrifter. When I get back to my computer --- or just need a refresher after a distraction --- I can type doing last to see what the last thing on my plate was. I can also type doing recent (or just doing) to get a list of the last few entries. doing today gives me everything since midnight for the current day, making it easy to see what I've accomplished over a sleepless night.

Doing has over 30 commands for tracking your status, recording your time, and analyzing the results.

See the wiki for installation and usage instructions.


The LaunchBar action requires that doing be available in /usr/local/bin/doing. If it's not (because you're using RVM or similar), you'll need to symlink it there. Running the action with Return will show the latest 9 items from Currently, along with any time intervals recorded, and includes a submenu of Timers for each tag.

Pressing Spacebar and typing allows you to add a new entry to currently. You an also trigger a custom show command by typing "show [section/tag]" and hitting return. Include any command line flags at the end of the string, and if you add text in parenthesis, it will be processed as a note on the entry.

Point of interest, the LaunchBar Action makes use of the -o json flag for outputting JSON to the action's script for parsing.

See the doing project on for the download.

Evan Lovely has created an Alfred workflow as well.


If you create a plugin, custom command, or hook you can share, please let me know. If I get a few plugin contributions, I'll set up a second repository for them.

Feel free to fork the repository on GitHub and make pull requests with changes. Please target the develop branch with pull requests.

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