The Official Docusign eSignature Ruby Client SDK

The Docusign SDK makes integrating Docusign into your apps and websites a seamless experience.

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Integrate eSignatures into your application in minutes. The secure and award-winning Docusign eSignature API makes requesting signatures, automating forms, and tracking documents directly from your app easy.


This client SDK is provided as open source, which enables you to customize its functionality to suit your particular use case. To do so, download or clone the repository. If the SDK’s given functionality meets your integration needs, or if you’re working through our code examples from the Docusign Developer Center, you merely need to install it by following the instructions below.

Version Information

  • API version: v2.1
  • Latest SDK version: 5.0.0.rc1



  • Ruby 1.9+

Installation via your application's Gemfile:

  1. In your application's Gemfile, add:
    gem 'docusign_esign'
  2. Open your preferred console.
  3. In your project directory, execute the installer by typing: bundle install

Manual Installation:

  1. Open your preferred console.
  2. In the console, type: gem install docusign_esign

SDK Dependencies

This client has the following external dependencies:

  • Jwt v2.2.1
  • Json v2.1.0
  • addressable v2.7.0
  • Typhoeus v1.0.1

API Reference

You can refer to the API reference here.

Code examples

Explore our GitHub repository for the Launcher, a self-executing package housing code examples for the eSignature Ruby SDK. This package showcases several common use cases and their respective source files. Additionally, you can download a version preconfigured for your Docusign developer account from Quickstart. These examples support both the Authorization Code Grant and JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication workflows.

OAuth implementations

For details regarding which type of OAuth grant will work best for your Docusign integration, see Choose OAuth Type in the Docusign Developer Center.

For security purposes, Docusign recommends using the Authorization Code Grant flow.


You can refer to the complete changelog here.


Log issues against this client SDK through GitHub. You can also reach out to us through Docusign Community and Stack Overflow.


The Docusign eSignature Ruby Client SDK is licensed under the MIT License.

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