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Doconomy API Ruby Client

Doconomy API Ruby Client

Åland Index is an index for CO2 emission calculations for payments and financial transactions.



$ gem install doconomy

or add new gem to the Gemfile

gem 'doconomy'

and run

$ bundle install

Generate PEM file

$ openssl pkcs12 -export -in -inkey certificate.prv -out certificate.p12
$ openssl pkcs12 -in certificate.p12 -nodes -out certificate.pem


# app/config/initializers/doconomy.rb

Doconomy::Api.configuration do |configuration|
  configuration.environment = :sandbox # or :production
  configuration.api_version = 'v2.1'
  configuration.api_key = ENV['X_API_KEY']
  configuration.client_id = ENV['CLIENT_ID']
  # configuration.client_secret = ENV['CLIENT_SECRET']
  configuration.scope = ENV['SCOPE']
  configuration.digital_signature_private_key = ENV['DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_PRIVATE_KEY']
  configuration.digital_signature_certificate_serial_number = ENV['DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_CERTIFICATE_SERIAL_NUMBER']
  configuration.digital_signature_certificate = ENV['DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_CERTIFICATE']
  configuration.pem =['PEM_FILE'])
  # configuration.pem_password = nil

payload = { cardTransactions: [ ... ] }

Current token is stored in


and it is automatically refreshed base on the expires_in attribute.

Create a token manually

If you would like to create an token manually just call Doconomy::Api::Token.create()

token = Doconomy::Api::Token.create
puts token.access_token
puts token.expires_at

Create calculations

Calculation requires four attributes: reference, mcc (merchant category code), value and currency.

transactions = [
  { reference: 1, mcc: 4899, amount: { value: 100.10, currency: 'CHF' } },
  { reference: 2, mcc: 4899, amount: { value: 10.10, currency: 'CHF' } },
  { reference: 3, mcc: 5735, amount: { value: 50.20, currency: 'CHF' } }
payload = {
  cardTransactions: transactions

transactions = Doconomy::Api::Calculation.create(payload)
transactions.each do |transaction|
  puts transaction.reference
  puts transaction.category_id
  # `carbon_*` attributes are set if scope includes 
  # urn:aland-index:calculations
  puts transaction.carbon_emission_in_grams
  puts transaction.carbon_emission_in_ounces
  puts transaction.carbon_social_cost.value
  puts transaction.carbon_social_cost.currency
  # `water_use_*` attributes are set if scope includes 
  # urn:aland-index:calculations:water-use
  puts transaction.water_use_in_cubic_meters
  puts transaction.water_use_in_gallons
  puts transaction.water_use_social_cost.value
  puts transaction.water_use_social_cost.currency
  puts '----'

Be sure that the Doconomy::Api.configuration.scope is set to the correct scopes.

Doconomy::Api.configuration do |config|
  # ...
  config.scope = 'urn:aland-index:calculations,urn:aland-index:calculations:water-use'
  # ...

Get all merchant categories

merchant_categories = Doconomy::Api::MerchantCategory.all
merchant_categories.each do |merchant_category|
  puts merchant_category.code

Get all languages

languages = Doconomy::Api::Language.all
languages.each do |language|
  puts language.code

Get all currencies

currencies = Doconomy::Api::Currency.all
currencies.each do |currency|
  puts currency.code

Get all categories

categories = Doconomy::Api::Category.all
categories.each do |category|
  puts category.code

Get a category


Copyright (c) 2022 Łukasz Śliwa

See LICENSE.txt for further details.