To release a new version

Test locally

change the version on lib/docker_rails_proxy/version.rb

and build the gem

gem build docker_rails_proxy.gemspec                                                                                                                                      [ruby-2.6.3]
  Successfully built RubyGem
  Name: docker_rails_proxy
  Version: 0.1.13
  File: docker_rails_proxy-0.1.13.gem

on the repo when you want to test, i.e ~/Projects/Eureka

install the local gem

gem install docker_rails_proxy -l ~/Projects/docker_rails_proxy/docker_rails_proxy-0.1.13.gem

Once it's ready, create the tag and push

Git Tag

git tag v0.0.1
git push origin v0.0.1

Gem Build

The user on is Credentials are in 1password "Eureka Tech" vault

gem push docker_rails_proxy-0.0.1.gem