A Danger plugin to show Undercover report.


$ gem install danger-undercover


To use this gem all the instruction provided in Undercover must be followed.

To know more about running undercover visit here

Use the -c --compare ref flag to specify a git ref (commit hash, branch name, tag) to compare against. This is a recommended usage for CI/CD build environments, as undercover will exit 1 if there are any warnings.

This plugin provides a command undercover-report that uses undercover command from Undercover gem. It takes all the options that undercover command takes.

They both works in the same way but what undercover-report extra does is it prints undercover report to a default file in coverage/undercover.txt. This makes using undercover in CI server much easier.

To use it on a CI server, run the below command before running Danger so that the report file is created beforehand which Danger will use..

$ undercover-report -c $compare_git_ref

Here $compare_git_ref as per undercover documentation, can be a commit hash, branch name, or tag. i.e. origin/master , origin/development

Then in your Dangerfile add the following line with the output file



  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run bundle install to setup dependencies.
  3. Run bundle exec rake spec to run the tests.
  4. Use bundle exec guard to automatically have tests run as you make changes.
  5. Make your changes.


It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.



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