Commit Format

Commit Format is a formatter for commits to paste into a Git Pull Request description.


  1. Run gem install commit_format


# Print all commits on feature branch since branching off the default branch
# Only works when not on the default branch

# Copy the output directly onto the clipboard on macOS
commit-format | pbcopy

# Print the range of formatted commits
commit-format HEAD~1..HEAD

# Prints the commits new in the 'my-feature' branch

# Print the last 5 commits
commit-format -n 5

# Print all new commits since selected base branch
commit-format -b main
commit-format -b feature-branch

# Print all commits with text lines joined into a paragraph
commit-format --paragraph
commit-format -p


  • Turns each commit subject into a markdown heading.
  • Indents all headings in the message body on level lower. Heading level 2 becomes heading level 3, etc.
  • Join text lines together as continuous paragraphs for easier reading in Pull Requests. Markdown syntax like code block, blockquotes, lists, tables, etc. are all kept in their original format. ``` # For example: A commit message with multiple text lines across multiple lines.

# Becomes A commit message with multiple text lines across multiple line.

## Development

- Run `bundle install`
- Install [mono](

### Tracking changes

Use mono to create a changeset per change.

mono changeset add

## Testing

bundle exec rspec

## Publishing

mono publish

## Resources

- [Git is about communication](