License MIT 

A CocoaPods plugin which can gen/read header map file.

hmap-gen is able to scan the header files of the target referenced components in the specified Cocoapods project, and generates a header map file that public to all the components as well as generates a public and private header map file for each referenced component.

  • <header.h> : -I<hmap file path>
  • "header.h" : -iquote <hmap file path>

For framework, use yaml-vfs create VFS file to map framework Headers and Modules dir and pass VFS file to -ivfsoverlay parameter.

  • vfs : -ivfsoverlay <all-product-headers.yaml>

A hmap file includes four types of headers:

  • "header.h"
  • <module/header.h> based on project
  • <project_name/header.h> based on project
  • <*\*/**/header.h> based on project
  • "*\*/**/header.h" based on project
  • "module/header.h" based on project

For hmapfile hashtbale, use hashtbale create hashtable and bitmap to store headers.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'cocoapods-mapfile'

And then execute:

# bundle install
$ bundle install

Or install it yourself as:

# gem install
$ gem install cocoapods-mapfile


To begin gen hmap file by opening an Xcodeproj dir, and to your command line with:

hmapfile gen

or to your podfile, add this line:

plugin 'cocoapods-mapfile'

Command Line Tool

Installing the cocoapods-mapfile gem will also install two command-line tool hmapfile reader and hmapfile writer which you can use to generate header map file and read hmap file.

For more information consult

  • hmapfile --help
  • hmapfile gen --help
  • hmapfile reader --help
  • hmapfile writer --help


# Read or write header map file.
$ hmapfile COMMAND


  1. hmapfile gen:
- `--project-directory=/porject/dir`: Read .xcworkspace/.xcodeproj file to gen hmap files.
- `--clean-hmap`: Clean up hmap file settings.
  1. hmapfile reader:

    • --hmap-path=/hmap/dir/file: Read this path of the hmap file.
  2. hmapfile writer:

    • --json-path=/project/dir/json: The path to the hmap json data.
    • --output-path=/project/dir/hmap file: The path json data to the hmap file.

hmapfile writer json file:

    "MM.h": [
    "Dog.h": [
    "Cat.h": [
    "TestAndTestApp/MM.h": [
    "TestAndTestApp/Dog.h": [


# Read current dir .xcworkspace/.xcodeproj file to Gen hmap files.
$ hmapfile gen

# Read the specified directory .xcworkspace/.xcodeproj file to Gen hmap files.
$ hmapfile gen --project-directory=<project path>

# Clean up hmap file settings.
$ hmapfile gen --clean-hmap
$ hmapfile gen --project-directory=<project path> --clean-hmap

$ hmapfile writer --json-path=../cat.json --output-path=../cat.hmap

$ hmapfile reader --hmap-path=../cat.hmap

For Cocoapods

Add this line in your podfile:

plugin 'cocoapods-mapfile'

This was equl:

hmapfile gen --project-directory=<project path>

or, you can set some value:

Every time you execute pod install or pod update, cocoapods-mapfile will automatically generate a header map file for you and modify:



  • File generation speed
  • Perfect interface
  • Optimize the code


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at cocoapods-hmap. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

Code of Conduct

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