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:fire: Recommendations for Ruby, powered by cmfrec

  • Supports side information :tada:
  • Works with explicit and implicit feedback
  • Uses high-performance matrix factorization

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Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem "cmfrec"

For Windows, also follow these instructions.

Getting Started

Create a recommender

recommender =

If users rate items directly, this is known as explicit feedback. Fit the recommender with:[
  {user_id: 1, item_id: 1, rating: 5},
  {user_id: 2, item_id: 1, rating: 3}

IDs can be integers, strings, or any other data type

If users don’t rate items directly (for instance, they’re purchasing items or reading posts), this is known as implicit feedback. Leave out the rating, or use a value like number of purchases, number of page views, or time spent on page:[
  {user_id: 1, item_id: 1, value: 1},
  {user_id: 2, item_id: 1, value: 1}

Use value instead of rating for implicit feedback

Get recommendations for a user in the training data


Get recommendations for a new user

  {item_id: 1, rating: 5},
  {item_id: 2, rating: 3}

Use the count option to specify the number of recommendations (default is 5)

recommender.user_recs(user_id, count: 3)

Get predicted ratings for specific users and items

recommender.predict([{user_id: 1, item_id: 2}, {user_id: 2, item_id: 4}])

Side Information

Add side information about users, items, or both

 = [
  {user_id: 1, cats: 1, dogs: 0},
  {user_id: 2, cats: 2, dogs: 1}
item_info = [
  {item_id: 1, genre_comedy: 1, genre_drama: 0},
  {item_id: 2, genre_comedy: 0, genre_drama: 1}
], user_info: , item_info: item_info)

Get recommendations for a new user with ratings and side information

ratings = [
  {item_id: 1, rating: 5},
  {item_id: 2, rating: 3}
recommender.new_user_recs(ratings, user_info: {cats: 0, dogs: 2})

Get recommendations with only side information

recommender.new_user_recs([], user_info: {cats: 0, dogs: 2})


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem "ngt"

Get similar users


Get similar items - “users who liked this item also liked”




Load the data

ratings, , item_info = Cmfrec.load_movielens

Create a recommender and get predictions

recommender = 20), user_info: , item_info: item_info)


Ahoy is a great source for implicit feedback

views = Ahoy::Event.where(name: "Viewed post").group(:user_id).group_prop(:post_id).count

data = do |(user_id, post_id), count|
      user_id: user_id,
      item_id: post_id,
      value: count

Create a recommender and get recommended posts for a user

recommender =


Specify the number of factors and epochs 8, epochs: 20)

If recommendations look off, trying changing factors. The default is 8, but 3 could be good for some applications and 300 good for others.

Explicit Feedback

Add implicit features true)

Disable bias false, item_bias: false)


Data can be an array of hashes

[{user_id: 1, item_id: 1, rating: 5}, {user_id: 2, item_id: 1, rating: 3}]

Or a Rover data frame


Storing Recommenders

Store the recommender

json = recommender.to_json
File.write("recommender.json", json)

The serialized recommender includes user activity from the training data (to avoid recommending previously rated items), so be sure to protect it. You can save it to a file, database, or any other storage system, or use a tool like Trove. Also, user and item IDs should be integers or strings for this.

Load a recommender

json ="recommender.json")
recommender = Cmfrec::Recommender.load_json(json)

Alternatively, you can store only the factors and use a library like Neighbor. See the examples for Disco, which has a similar API. For explicit feedback, you should disable the bias with this approach.


Get ids


Get the global mean


Get the factors


Get the bias


Windows Installation

On Windows, build the cmfrec C shared library and set:

Cmfrec.ffi_lib = "path/to/cmfrec.dll"


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Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

To get started with development:

git clone
cd cmfrec-ruby
bundle install
bundle exec rake vendor:all
bundle exec rake test