A Ruby wrapper for the Close.com API

Learn about the Close API at http://developer.close.com.

I :heart: Close, so if you have problems using the gem or would like to see support for new endpoints, please open a GitHub issue -- I'll get it resolved as quick as I can.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

  # in your Gemfile
  gem 'closeio', '~> 3.9.0'

  # then...
  bundle install


  client = Closeio::Client.new("api key")

  # Find a specific lead

  # See some data about the lead

  # Update the lead
    name: "Bluth Company",
    addresses: [{
      "address_1": "747 Howard St",
      "city": "San Francisco"

  # Delete the lead

  # Merge two leads into one
  client.merge_leads(source_lead.id, destination_lead.id)

  # Find leads that match field
  client.list_leads(name: "Wayne Enterprises")

  # Find leads that match custom field
  client.list_leads('"custom.Favorite Color":"cornflower blue"')

  # Use paginate: true to fetch all the leads
  client.list_leads(name: "Wayne Enterprises", paginate: true)

  # Create a lead
    name: "Bluth Company",
    contacts: [{
      name: "Buster Bluth",
      emails: [{type: "office", email: "cartographer@bluthcompany.com"}]

  # Create a bulk edit job for leads filtered by a custom field
    query: '"custom.International Database ID":12345',
    type: 'set_custom_field',
    custom_field_name: 'Local Database ID',
    custom_field_value: '123'

  # Saved Search (SmartView)
  smart_view = client.list_smart_views


You can disable the logger by passing in a second argument when creating a new client:

  client = Closeio::Client.new("api key", false)

Some servers running on SSL need specific configurations for the Faraday dependency. If you're running on Heroku with SSL enabled, you need to pass in the path of the CA certificate when creating a new client:

  client = Closeio::Client.new("api key", true, '/usr/lib/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt')

Timezone Offsets For requests that include date filters like date_created or date_start, you can use the utc_offset named parameter to pass your timezone's UTC offset as part of your request. By default all API calls uses the UTC time.

  utc_offset = Time.zone.utc_offset.to_f / 1.hour
  client = Closeio::Client.new("api key", utc_offset: utc_offset)


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Copyright (c) 2019 Taylor Brooks. See LICENSE for details.