Integrate mod

The integrate mod supports the configuration of special events in cards.

codename default name purpose
on_create *on create execute event when card is created
on_update *on update execute event when card is updated
on_delete *on delete execute event when card is deleted

An integration rule specifies a list of events to be triggered when a card action is taken.

So, for example, if the Signup::type:on_create contains an email template, then the email is sent out whenever a signup card is created.

Any card that implements a #deliver method can serve as an action in an integration rule. In default decko installations, the two kinds of items in integration rules are Email Templates and Notification Templates

The Card::Set::All::Observer mod implements an observer that notices when a relevant card is created, updated, or deleted. In such cases the triggering card (eg one newly created) is sent as an an argument to the #deliver method, which is called upon the cards listed by the integration rule.