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🎭 Playwright driver for Capybara

Make it easy to introduce Playwright into your Rails application.

gem 'capybara-playwright-driver'

NOTE: If you want to use Playwright-native features (such as auto-waiting, various type of locators, ...), consider using playwright-ruby-client directly.


require 'capybara-playwright-driver'

# setup
Capybara.register_driver(:playwright) do |app|, browser_type: :firefox, headless: false)
Capybara.default_max_wait_time = 15
Capybara.default_driver = :playwright
Capybara.save_path = 'tmp/capybara'

# run
Capybara.app_host = ''
visit '/'
fill_in('query-builder-test', with: 'Capybara')

## [REMARK] We can use Playwright-native selector and action, instead of Capybara DSL.
# first('[aria-label="Capybara, Search all of GitHub"]').click
page.driver.with_playwright_page do |page|
  page.get_by_label('Capybara, Search all of GitHub').click

all('[data-testid="results-list"] h3').each do |li|
  #puts "#{li.all('a').first.text} by Capybara"
  puts "#{li.with_playwright_element_handle { |handle| handle.text_content }} by Playwright"

Refer the documentation for more detailed configuration.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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