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A gem to bump versions of gems and chef-cookbooks.

  • bumps version major / minor / patch / pre
  • bundles
  • commits changes


gem install bump


Show current version

bump current


Bump (major, minor, patch, pre)

bump patch

Bump version 0.1.2 to 0.1.3

Show next version

bump show-next patch


Show version file path

bump file




Do not commit after bumping.

bump patch --no-commit


Will add a git tag like v1.2.3 (if the current project is a git repository and --no-commit has not been given).

bump patch --tag

The --tag-prefix option can change the tag prefix:

bump patch --tag --tag-prefix v-     # tag as v-1.2.3
bump patch --tag --tag-prefix ""     # tag as 1.2.3


Do not run bundle command after bumping.

bump patch --no-bundle


Bump the version in additional files.

bump patch --replace-in

--commit-message [MSG], -m [MSG]

Append additional information to the commit message.

bump patch --commit-message "Something extra"


bump patch -m "Something extra"


Updates when bumping. This requires a heading (starting with ##) that includes the previous version and a heading above that, for example:

### Next
- Added bar

### v0.0.0 - 2019-12-24
- Added foo


Updates when bumping (see above), and opens the changelog in an editor specified in $EDITOR (or vi), then waits for the editor to be closed and continues.

EDITOR="subl -n -w" bump patch --edit-changelog


# Rakefile
require "bump/tasks"

# do not always tag the version
# Bump.tag_by_default = false
# bump the version in additional files
# Bump.replace_in_default = [""]
# Maintain changelog:
# Bump.changelog = true
# Opens the changelog in an editor when bumping
# Bump.changelog = :editor
rake bump:current                           # display current version
rake bump:show-next INCREMENT=minor         # display next minor version
rake bump:file                              # display version file path

# bumping using defaults for `COMMIT`, `TAG`, and `BUNDLE`
rake bump:major
rake bump:patch
rake bump:minor
rake bump:pre

# bumping with option(s)
rake bump:patch TAG=false BUNDLE=false      # commit, but don't tag or run `bundle`
rake bump:patch TAG=true TAG_PREFIX=v-      # tag with a prefix 'v-' ex. the tag will look like v-0.0.1
rake bump:patch COMMIT=false TAG=false      # don't commit, don't tag
rake bump:minor BUNDLE=false                # don't run `bundle`


require "bump"
Bump::Bump.current        # -> "1.2.3"
Bump::Bump.next_version("patch")        # -> "1.2.4"
Bump::Bump.file           # -> "lib/foo/version.rb""patch")   # -> version changed"patch", tag: true, tag_prefix: 'v-') # -> version changed with tagging with '-v' as prefix"patch", commit: false, bundle:false, tag:false) # -> version changed with options"patch", commit_message: '[no ci]') # -> creates a commit message with 'v1.2.3 [no ci]' instead of default: 'v1.2.3'

Supported locations

  • VERSION file with 1.2.3
  • gemspec with gem.version = "1.2.3" or "gem-name", "1.2.3" do
  • lib/**/version.rb file with VERSION = "1.2.3"
  • metadata.rb with version "1.2.3"
  • VERSION = "1.2.3" in lib/**/*.rb


License: MIT