A Sprockets Toolkit for Building and Testing JavaScript Libraries

Getting Started

Add Blade to your Gemfile.

source ""

gem 'blade'

Create a .blade.yml (or blade.yml) file in your project’s root, and define your Sprockets load paths and logical paths. Example:

# .blade.yml
  - src
  - test/src
  - test/vendor

  - widget.js
  - test.js


Configure your build paths and compressors:

# .blade.yml
    - widget.js
  path: dist
  js_compressor: uglifier # Optional

Run bundle exec blade build to compile dist/widget.js.

Testing Locally

By default, Blade sets up a test runner using QUnit via the blade-qunit_adapter gem.

Run bundle exec blade runner to launch Blade’s test console and open the URL it displays in one or more browsers. Blade detects changes to your logical paths and automatically restarts the test suite.

Blade Runner

Testing on CI

Run bundle exec blade ci to start Blade’s test console in non-interactive CI mode, and launch a browser pointed at Blade’s testing URL (usually http://localhost:9876). The process will return 0 on success and non-zero on failure.

To test on multiple browsers with Sauce Labs, see the Sauce Labs plugin.

Projects Using Blade

Licensed under the MIT License

© 2016 Javan Makhmali