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Ruby bindings to lib2bit / py2bit.


gem install bio-twobit

Linux and macOS are supported. Windows is currently not supported.


Downlaod BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg38


Quick Start

require 'bio/twobit'

hg38 ="hg38.2bit")

# "hg38.2bit"
# {"file_size"=>818064875,
# "nChroms"=>640,
# "sequence_length"=>3272116950,
# "hard_masked_length"=>161368694,
# "soft_masked_length"=>0}

# [["chr1", 248956422],
# ["chr2", 242193529],
# ["chr3", 198295559],
# ["chr4", 190214555],
# ["chr5", 181538259]]

Fetch a sequence

hg38.sequence("chr1", 50000, 50050)
  • The first number is the (0-based) position on the chromosome/contig where the sequence should begin.
  • The second number is the (1-based) position on the chromosome where the sequence should end.
hg38.bases("chr1", 10000, 10100)
# {"A"=>0.34, "C"=>0.49, "T"=>0.17, "G"=>0.0}

hg38.bases("chr1", 10000, 10100, fraction: false)
# {"A"=>34, "C"=>49, "T"=>17, "G"=>0}

# {"A"=>0.26940569141052323,
# "C"=>0.19302592242428676,
# "T"=>0.2701041550155312,
# "G"=>0.19325280952182064}

hg38.hard_masked_blocks("chr1", 0, 1000000)
# [[0, 10000], [207666, 257666], [297968, 347968], [535988, 585988]]

The 2-bit file must be closed explicitly. Alternatively, you can use a block. Even if it is not closed, it will probably be closed by GC and there will be no problem. But this is not guaranteed.

# Explicitly close the file.
tb ="test/fixtures/foo.2bit")

# You can also use blocks."test/fixtures/foo.2bit") do |t|
tb.closed? # true / false

If you would like to include information about soft-masked bases, you need to specify masked: true

tb ="test/fixtures/foo.2bit")
tb.sequence("chr1", 60, 72)

tb ="test/fixtures/foo.2bit", masked: true)
tb.sequence("chr1", 60, 72)
# => "GTagctagctGA"
# => [[62, 70]]
tb.masked? # true / false

hg19, hg38, hs1...

Some reference genomes are provided as classes in advance. These classes automatically download 2bit files from the UCSC site into a cache directory upon first use.

hg19 =
hg38 =
hs1  =

Adding a new reference genome is easy. Add here the id of the genome you want to use.

git clone
vi lib/bio/twobit/references/template.erb # Add your id to ids list.
ruby lib/bio/twobit/references/template.erb
rake install

If you want to use 2-bit files from locations other than UCSC, create your own classes here.

Pull requests are welcome.


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The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

Code from Red Datasets is used for automatic file download and caching. (The MIT license)