beaker-puppet: The Puppet-Specific Beaker Library

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The purpose of this library is to hold all puppet-specific info & DSL methods. This includes all helper & installer methods.

It might not be up to that state yet, but that's the goal for this library. If you see anything puppet-specific that you'd like to pull into this library out of beaker, please do, we would love any help that you'd like to provide.

How Do I Use This?

You will need to include beaker-puppet alongside Beaker in your Gemfile or project.gemspec. E.g.

# Gemfile
gem 'beaker', '~>4.0'
gem 'beaker-puppet', '~>1.0'
# project.gemspec
s.add_runtime_dependency 'beaker', '~>4.0'
s.add_runtime_dependency 'beaker-puppet', '~>1.0'

For DSL Extension Libraries, you must also ensure that you require the library in your test files. You can do this manually in individual test files or in a test helper (if you have one). You can use Bundler.require() to require the library automatically. To explicitly require it:

require 'beaker-puppet'

Doing this will include (automatically) the beaker-puppet DSL methods in the beaker DSL. Then you can call beaker-puppet methods, exactly as you did before.

Running Puppet in debug mode

When using apply_manifest to run Puppet, it is common that you need debug output. To achieve this, the debug option can be passed.

apply_manifest_on(host, manifest, { debug: true })

This has the downside that Puppet always runs in debug mode, which is very verbose. Of course you can modify the spec, but that's tedious. An easier alternative is to use the environment variable BEAKER_PUPPET_DEBUG.

BEAKER_PUPPET_DEBUG=1 rspec spec/acceptance/my_spec.rb

How Do I Test This?

Unit / Spec Testing

You can run the spec testing using our rake task test:spec:run. You can also run rspec directly. If you'd like to see a coverage report, then you can run the test:spec:coverage rake task.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing can be run using the acceptance rake test namespace. For instance, to test using our package installation, you can run the acceptance:pkg task.

Note in the above rake tasks that there are some environment variables that you can use to customize your run. For specifying your System Under Test (SUT) environment, you can use BEAKER_HOSTS, passing a file path to a beaker hosts file, or you can provide a beaker-hostgenerator value to the TEST_TARGET environment variable. You can also specify the tests that get executed with the TESTS environment variable.


This gem is licensed under the Apache-2 license.

Release information

To make a new release, please do:

  • update the version in lib/beaker-puppet/version.rb
  • Install gems with bundle install --with release --path .vendor
  • generate the changelog with bundle exec rake changelog
  • Check if the new version matches the closed issues/PRs in the changelog
  • Create a PR with it
  • After it got merged, push a tag. GitHub actions will do the actual release to rubygems and GitHub Packages