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/ Bard::Static – handcrafted prototypes \
\ with ease                             /
      \   ^__^
       \  (oo)\_______
          (__)\       )\/\
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Add BardStatic to Gemfile:

gem "bard-static"


Two view directories are exposed: static and mockups.

Static: pages in this view path are intended for production, and are rendered with the application layout.

URI Path File path
/ app/views/static/index.html.erb
/home app/views/static/home.html.haml
/posts/new app/views/static/posts/new.html.slim

Mockups: pages in this view path are intended for prototyping, and are rendered with no layout at all. However, you can use the layout block helper in the template to render within a layout, if you like.

URI Path File path
/mockups app/views/mockups/index.html.erb
/mockups/home app/views/mockups/home.html.haml
/mockups/posts/new app/views/mockups/posts/new.html.slim

All available Rails helpers work nicely. Pure prototyping bliss!


mockup_form_for: create a dummy form using rails form helpers link_to_current: adds a current class if the current url matches the link link_to_nav: same as link_to_current but also matches if the current url is a child of the link


When rendering a partial, you must specify the full path (e.g. mockups/posts/form) unless the partial is in app/views/mockups/.