Getting Started with APIMATIC Calculator


Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC

Install the Package

Install the gem from the command line:

gem install analytics-test -v 1.0

Or add the gem to your Gemfile and run bundle:

gem 'analytics-test', '1.0'

For additional gem details, see the RubyGems page for the analytics-test gem.

Test the SDK

To run the tests, navigate to the root directory of the SDK in your terminal and execute the following command:


Initialize the API Client

Note: Documentation for the client can be found here.

The following parameters are configurable for the API Client:

Parameter Type Description
environment Environment The API environment.
Default: Environment.PRODUCTION
connection Faraday::Connection The Faraday connection object passed by the SDK user for making requests
timeout Float The value to use for connection timeout.
Default: 60
max_retries Integer The number of times to retry an endpoint call if it fails.
Default: 0
retry_interval Float Pause in seconds between retries.
Default: 1
backoff_factor Float The amount to multiply each successive retry's interval amount by in order to provide backoff.
Default: 2
retry_statuses Array A list of HTTP statuses to retry.
Default: [408, 413, 429, 500, 502, 503, 504, 521, 522, 524]
retry_methods Array A list of HTTP methods to retry.
Default: %i[get put]

The API client can be initialized as follows:

client =
  environment: Environment::PRODUCTION,

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