Active Admin Blaze Theme

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A theme for Active Admin based on Blaze CSS 3.x


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First, add to your Gemfile: gem 'activeadmin_blaze_theme' (and execute bundle)

Then, if you installed Active Admin without Webpacker support (so using Sprockets):

  • Add a SASS/SCSS gem to your Gemfile (ex. gem 'sassc')
  • Add at the end of your Active Admin styles (app/assets/stylesheets/active_admin.scss):
@import "activeadmin_blaze_theme/theme";

Otherwise, with Webpacker:

  • Add the component to the package.json: yarn add blocknotes/activeadmin_blaze_theme
  • Add at the end of your Active Admin javascript pack (app/javascript/packs/active_admin.js):
  • Another option is appending to app/javascript/stylesheets/active_admin.scss (in this case the JS require line is not needed):
// ...
// optionally add custom colors variables here
@import "~activeadmin_blaze_theme/app/assets/stylesheets/activeadmin_blaze_theme/theme";
  • Sometimes it could be necessary to remove the node_modules path and recreate it (using yarn install --check-files) or to clean the tmp path: bin/rails tmp:clear


  • Colors customization is available using some Sass variables;
  • With Sprockets: you need to update your Active Admin styles (before activeadmin_blaze_theme/theme import line);
  • With Webpacker: you need to import the theme using the Sass/Scss option as described above.
// blaze colors
$color-brand: #2c3e50;
$color-info: #4dabf5;
$color-warning: #ff9800;
$color-success: #4caf50;
$color-error: #f44336;
// main variables
$bg-footer: #dfdfdf;               // bg footer bar
$bg-form1: #f4f4f4;                // bg 1st level forms
$bg-form2: darken($bg-form1, 3%);  // bg 2nd level forms (nested)
$bg-form3: darken($bg-form1, 6%);  // bg 3rd level forms (nested)
$bg-form4: darken($bg-form1, 9%);  // bg 4th level forms (nested)
$bg-form-sub-headings: lighten($color-brand, 64%);  // bg nested forms title
$bg-header: $color-brand;          // bg header bar
$bg-inputs: #fff;                  // bg forms inputs
$bg-menu-active: #7b929e;          // bg menu item current / hover
$bg-sidebar: #efefef;              // bg sidebar
$fg-box-title: #fff;
$fg-button-link: #fff;
$fg-menu-items: #f8f8f8;
$fg-table-borders: #e4e4e4;
$fg-table-link: #eee;
// other variables
$form-padding: 10px;
$inputs-spacing: 10px;
$height-inputs: 26px;
$height-topbar: 40px;
$height-titlebar: 38px;
$text-shadow: #000;
  • To move sidebar on the left add to your Active Admin styles (after blaze theme import):
#active_admin_content.with_sidebar {
  @extend .sidebar_left;
  • Squared style (no rounded borders):
#active_admin_content, .active_admin #title_bar {
  @extend .no_rounded;
  • More options:
// scrollable table cells
body.active_admin .index_content table {
  @extend .scrollable_cells;
// fix ckeditor width
body.active_admin .cke {
  @extend .ckeditor_width_fix

Custom fields / components


In form \ inputs block:

f.input :boolean, as: :blaze_toggle

To change toggle color:

f.input :boolean, as: :blaze_toggle, input_html: { toggle_class: 'c-toggle--brand' }

Available: c-toggle--brand, c-toggle--info, c-toggle--warning, c-toggle--success, c-toggle--error

Standard checkbox with label on the left:

f.input :boolean, as: :blaze_toggle, input_html: { simple_checkbox: true }

A sidebar menu (priority option permit to put the sidebar above the filters):

sidebar :help, priority: 0 do
  ul class: 'blaze-menu' do
    li do
      link_to 'Menu item 1', admin_root_path
    li do
      link_to 'Menu item 2', admin_root_path
    li do
      link_to 'Menu item 3', admin_root_path


An accordion group in a form:

f.accordion_group do
  f.accordion 'First accordion' do
    f.inputs for: [:detail, f.object.detail ||] do |f2|
      f2.input :meta_title
      f2.input :meta_keywords
  f.accordion 'Second accordion' do
    f.inputs for: [:more_detail, f.object.morel_detail ||] do |f2|
      f2.input :meta_title
      f2.input :meta_keywords

Readonly field

Some readonly fields in a form:

f.readonly :position
f.readonly :position, f.object.position * 2
f.readonly 'Code', 'Automatically set after save', class: 'a-wrapper-class'
f.readonly nil, 'Value only, no label'

Styled table

Table styles:

table_for User.all, class: 'blaze-table table-rows table-striped' do
  # ...

Blaze widgets

See components available in Blaze CSS docs.

Badge example:

f.input :price, label: raw( 'Price <span class="c-badge c-badge--warning" style="position: relative; top: -5px">in $</span>' )

Button example:

a 'clear form', href: '#', class: 'c-button c-button--error', onclick: 'event.preventDefault();document.forms[0].reset();'

Progress bar example:

div class: 'c-progress' do
  div class: 'c-progress__bar c-progress__bar--success', style: "width: #{f.object.a_field}%;"


  • To use this plugins with Active Admin 1.x please use the version 0.5.12


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  • Mattia Roccoberton: author
  • The good guys that opened issues and pull requests from time to time


The gem is available as open-source under the terms of the MIT.