Active Admin + Active Resource

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An Active Admin plugin to use a REST API data source in place of a local database using Active Resource.

NOTICE: currently some Active Admin features don't work as expected:

  • Filters are partially supported (see example)
  • Some form fields must be configured explicitly (like the associations)
  • Comments are not supported

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  • Add to your project's Gemfile (with Active Admin installed): gem 'activeadmin_active_resource'
  • Execute bundle
  • Disable comments in Active Admin config initializer (config.comments = false)


Please take a look at the examples folder:

  • a Rails6 application with Active Admin and this component, see here;
  • a Rails6 API application used as data source, see here;
  • a Roda API application used as data source, see here.

For more examples check the specs.

Basic instructions:

  • Post model: ```rb class Post < ActiveResource::Base = 'http://localhost:3000' # API url: another Rails project, a REST API, etc.

self.schema = { # Fields must be declared explicitly id: :integer, title: :string, description: :text, author_id: :integer, category: :string, dt: :datetime, position: :float, published: :boolean, created_at: :datetime, updated_at: :datetime, } end

- Post admin config:
ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  filter :title_cont  # Ransack postfixes required (_eq, _cont, etc.)

  controller do
    def permitted_params
      params.permit!  # Permit all just for testing

  form do |f|
    f.inputs do
      f.input :id, as: :hidden unless f.object.new_record?  # Required
      f.input :title
      # ... other fields
  • Ransack options here
  • Rails API index example with Ransack and Kaminari: ```rb after_action :set_pagination, only: [:index]

def index per_page = params[:per_page].to_i per_page = 15 if per_page < 1 @posts = Post.ransack( params[:q] ).result.order( params[:order] ).page( params[:page].to_i ).per( per_page ) end

def set_pagination headers['Pagination-Limit'] = @posts.limit_value.to_s headers['Pagination-Offset'] = @posts.offset_value.to_s headers['Pagination-TotalCount'] = @posts.total_count.to_s end

## Notes

If you create a new rails project don't use *--skip-active-record*.

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## Contributors

- [Mattia Roccoberton]( author

## License

The gem is available as open-source under the terms of the [MIT](LICENSE.txt).