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An Active Storage service upload/download plugin that stores files in a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. Experimental support also for MSSQL.

Main features:

  • attachment data stored in a binary field (or blob);
  • all service methods implemented;
  • supports Rails 6 and 7.

Useful also with platforms like Heroku (due to their ephemeral file system).


  • Setup Active Storage in your Rails application
  • Add to your Gemfile gem 'active_storage_db' (and execute: bundle)
  • Install the gem migrations: bin/rails active_storage_db:install:migrations (and execute: bin/rails db:migrate)
  • Add to your config/routes.rb: mount ActiveStorageDB::Engine => '/active_storage_db'
  • Change Active Storage service in config/environments/development.rb to: config.active_storage.service = :db
  • Add to config/storage.yml:
  service: DB


Some utility tasks are available:

# list attachments ordered by blob id desc (with limit 100):
bin/rails 'asdb:list'
# search attachments by filename (or part of it)
bin/rails 'asdb:search[some_filename]'
# download attachment by blob id (retrieved with list or search tasks) - the second argument is the destination:
bin/rails 'asdb:download[123,/tmp]'

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The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.