Action Controller Tweaks

ActionController is great, but could be better. Here are some tweaks for it.


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gem 'action_controller_tweaks'


Either include it in specific controller or just ApplicationController

class SomeController
  include ActionControllerTweaks


I got the code from This Stack Overflow Answer
#expires_now is not good enough when I test a mobile version page with Chrome on iOS

  # Just like using #expires_now

#set_session & #set_session_with_expiry

I write this on my own, it's ok to blame me if it's buggy :P
This method let's you set session, with expiry time!
It depends on before_action to remove expired session keys
Valid options: expire_in, expires_in, expire_at, expires_at Example:

# Option keys are NOT checked
set_session(:key, 'value') # => Just like session[:key] = 'value'

set_session(:key, 'value', expire_in:
set_session(:key, 'value', expires_in:

set_session(:key, 'value', expire_at:
set_session(:key, 'value', expires_at:

# Option keys are checked
# You must pass valid options or error will be raised
set_session_with_expiry(:key, 'value', expires_in:

Note: Please don't use the session key session_keys_to_expire, it's reserved for internal processing