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fluent-plugin-sentry is a fluentd output plugin that sends aggregated errors/exception events to Sentry. Sentry is a event logging and aggregation platform.

Sentry alone does not buffer incoming requests, so if your Sentry instance is under load, Sentry can respond with a 503 Service Unavailable.

fluent-plugin-sentry extends fluent buffered output and enables a fluend user to buffer and flush messages to Sentry with reliable delivery.

http://blog.getsentry.com/images/hero.png (quoted from http://blog.getsentry.com/)


install with gem or td-agent provided command as:

# for fluentd
$ gem install fluent-plugin-sentry

# for td-agent
$ sudo /usr/lib64/fluent/ruby/bin/fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-sentry

# for td-agent2
$ sudo td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-sentry


create sentry dashboard first. It could start with cost free!!



 @type forward

<match notify.**>
  @type sentry

  # Set endpoint API URL
  endpoint_url       https://API_KEY:API_PASSWORD@app.getsentry.com/PROJECT_ID

  # Set default events value of 'server_name'
  # To set short hostname, set like below.
  hostname_command   hostname -s

  # rewrite shown tag name for Sentry dashboard
  remove_tag_prefix  notify.


  • endpoint_url (Required)
    Set endpoint API URL which shows at Sentry dashboard. (it is not sentry account information)

  • default_level
    [default] error

  • defalut_logger
    [default] flunetd

  • hostname_command
    [default] hostname Set default frontend value of 'server_name'

  • flush_interval
    [default] 0sec

It also support rewriting Tag with SetTagKeyMixin.

  • remove_tag_prefix
  • remove_tag_suffix
  • add_tag_prefix
  • add_tag_suffix

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