3llo - The interactive CLI application for Trello

3llo allows you to work with Trello without exiting your favorite terminal.


3llo was inspired by the awesome rainbowstream and facy.


gem install 3llo

Run 3llo --configure and follow the instructions to complete the set up.


"board" command family

Just like the web version of Trello, you need to select a board:

3llo  > board list

[123abc000000000000000001 #1] - Weekend TODOs
[123abc000000000000000002 #2] - 3llo project
[123abc000000000000000003 #3] - Grocery list

3llo > board select #2

Board Work stuff selected

Please note that you can also access any entities with their Trello ID.

3llo > board select 123abc000000000000000002

Board Work stuff selected

"list" command family

Executing list list will list all the lists in the board.

3llo > list list

[123abc000000000000000001 #1] To Do
[123abc000000000000000002 #2] Doing
[123abc000000000000000003 #3] Pending
[123abc000000000000000004 #4] Done

list cards <list_key> will list all the cards.

3llo > list cards #1

[123abc000000000000000001 #1] Merge card editing command
[123abc000000000000000002 #2] Refactor code

"card" command family

"card" command family comes with many commands to work with cards.

To list all the cards in the board, run card list.

3llo > card list

#To Do
[123abc000000000000000001 #1] Merge card editing command [#small]
[123abc000000000000000002 #2] Refactor code [#medium] [@qcam]

[123abc000000000000000003 #3] Release v1.0 [#release] [@qcam]


You can also list cards that have been assigned to you with card list mine.

3llo > card list mine

[123abc000000000000000002 #2] (To Do) Refactor code
[123abc000000000000000003 #3] (Doing) Release v1.0

To view a card in detail, card show <card_key> is your friend.

3llo > card show #2

Refactor code
[123abc000000000000000002 #2]
Link: https://trello.com/c/AbCdEfG

Things to do [123abc000000000000000001 #1]
[ ] Item 1 [123abc000000000000000001 #1]
[ ] Item 2 [123abc000000000000000002 #2]
[ ] Item 3 [123abc000000000000000003 #3]
[ ] Item 4 ...

Want to comment on a card? Run card comment <card_key>.

3llo > card comment #2

Comment: (Press CTRL-D or CTRL-Z to finish)
What else should we refactor more?<enter>

Comment has been posted

3llo > card comments #2

@just_another_person_on_the_internet on <Jan 01, 2020 00:55:55> wrote:
This card is awesome!

@qcam on <Jan 01, 2020 00:55:55> wrote:
What else should we refactor more?


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/qcam/3llo.

"3llo" sounds odd to me. Where did the name come from?

It might be interesting to know that 3 == "tre" in Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ.